Catalogic 2.0.3

  • Categoría: Cataloguing
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: 3.29 KB
  • Sistema: w95 w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP
  • Idiomas:

A complete CD cataloguer and file organizer.

Catalogic is a complete file cataloguer, that will help you quickly find all those files you've got on CD, disc, floppy, hard drives or any other type of drive, and which you can't remember the exact location of.

If order isn't your best quality when using the PC, this program, called Catalogic, will be really useful.

Just by importing your data into Catalogic, you can search and find all types of files by name, drive, size, date or all types of additional data that could be associated with each file. In a few words, an effective, very automated and completely free cataloguer.


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